From October 25th through November 15th the Four Winds is in Dry Dock. CLICK HERE  for info.

Afternoon Snorkel to Coral Gardens or Molokini

Afternoon fun in the sun at a great price! This snorkel excursion is a lighter and shorter version of our Classic Morning Snorkel Trip. Because of the later start-time, it is a great option if you like to sleep-in or you want to add something to your morning Maui itinerary. Typically, due to the prevailing, afternoon Maui trade winds, this trip snorkels at Coral Gardens unless weather permits us to reach Molokini. Coral Gardens is also one of Maui's premier snorkeling destinations (Coastal Living Magazine rates it as one of the World’s Top Ten Snorkel Sites) and offers a treasure of underwater sights, abounding with amazing marine-life.

What's Included In Your Trip

Your Afternoon Coral Gardens Snorkel Trip includes a complimentary open-bar of beer, wine, sodas, juices and filtered water plus we provide you with all your snorkel gear and expert instruction. For those who like less swimming and more floating, we have flotation devices of almost every kind that make it effortless to enjoy the ocean! We're the only snorkel trip on Maui who offer "See Boards" (A unique, oversized, sturdy boogie board with a built-in viewing port so you don’t even need to snorkel to see some amazing sights below.) These are ideal for kids or even grown-ups who don’t swim. We're equipped with creature comforts like onboard restrooms and fresh-water showers. For some great fun, you can MAKE A SPLASH sliding down our Water Slide into the warm, blue waters of the Pacific Ocean! Additionally, the Four Winds II is the only snorkel tour, in Hawaii, to feature a GLASS BOTTOM BOAT Viewing Room!

Add Our Yummy BBQ Lunch to Your Afternoon Trip!

One of our talented crew grills up (right on board) your choice of hamburgers, marinated chicken breasts, hot dogs or veggie burgers (for those who prefer not to eat meat) complete with all the trimmings and tasty Maui-Brand potato chips! Our guests continue to tell us that our burgers were the BEST BURGERS of their entire vacation! So we have to warn you, in advance, after you've enjoyed some serious snorkeling fun and get back onboard the boat, and then smell that delicious aroma coming off the sizzling BBQ grill... YOU'LL BE HUNGRY!

Because the Afternoon tour starts later in the day, our hot-off-the-grill BBQ Lunch is offered as an optional add-on for $8 per person. We generally start serving the BBQ Lunch around 2pm, which can be a little late for some who had an early breakfast or it might be a little too early for those who have luau plans later. That’s why we leave it up to you!

Trip Features
Trip Tips
  • DESTINATION: CORAL GARDENS or MOLOKINI (when conditions permit)

    • Open Bar
    • All Your Snorkeling Gear
    • Expert Instruction
    • Waterslide
    • Glass Bottom Viewing Room
    • 2 Spacious Decks
    • 3 Boarding Ladders
    • Lots of Marine Life
    • Turtle Watching
    • Seasonal Whale Watching
    • Boogie Boards
    • See Boards (similar to a large boogie board but equipped with a built-in view port)
    • Optical Masks
    • Fresh Water Showers
    • Sport Fishing Equipment
    • Vistas of Maui's Coastline and Other Islands
    • Cool Fish Tattoos for Kids
    • Optional BBQ Lunch Available
    • And More!

    SAFETY FIRST: Your safety is important to us! Each of our crew members are Red Cross certified and excellent swimmers. While snorkeling, we make sure there is ample crew, both in and out of the water, for your assistance and safety. We also have a certified scuba diver in the water for those that SNUBA.

    WHALE WATCHING: From December 20th - April 20th, this trip additionally features outstanding humpback whale watching action!  Also, during this time of year, we can not utilize any of our sport fishing gear because of the whales.

    Snorkel sites are selected at the discretion of the captain. We always attempt to reach Molokini when prevailing weather and conditions permit.


    Please be sure to read our Policies Page

  • These items are not included as standard trip features, but are well-worth adding them to your Four Winds II afternoon snorkel trip. The most popular add-on for this trip is the BBQ lunch.  Unlike our morning trip, which includes our delicious BBQ lunch, we offer this separately, on this afternoon trip, as some folks may have had an early lunch before they arrive.  The second most popular add-on is SNUBA. This is similar to SCUBA, but does not require wearing tanks, or heavy gear.  It also does not require any certification. SNUBA is really easy, extremely safe and loads of fun. Even kids can do it!  (More about SNUBA)  We additionally offer onboard professional video services and underwater digital camera rentals too! (More about Video Services)

    1. BBQ Lunch - $8

    2. SNUBA - $59

    3. Professional Video of Your Trip - $27

    4. Underwater Digital Camera Rental - $40

    5. Wet Suit Rental - $5

  • What To Bring:

    Pack for your snorkel excursion like you would for a day at the beach.

    • Towels
    • Swimsuit
    • Non-Aerosol Sunscreen (over-spray from aerosol makes boat decks slippery)
    • Light Cover-Up or Light Jacket
    • Hat
    • Sunglasses
    • Camera (make sure you've got lots of storage on your media card)
    • Perhaps Some Extra Cash (should you want the BBQ lunch, rent a wetsuit or underwater camera, purchase a souvenir t-shirt, etc.)
    • For very young children, we suggest that you might want to bring a swim vest that your child feels comfortable wearing.
    • For those over 21 years of age, a PICTURE ID is required if you would like to be served alcoholic beverages from our open bar.
    • If you have your own snorkel gear, and feel more comfortable with it, you are welcome to bring it! However, we do provide sanitized, quality snorkel gear and flotation devices free of charge.


    For directions to the harbor... (click here).

Get Ready For Fun!

So get ready to soak up the sun on our spacious decks, slide down our water-slide, and see the best underwater sights that this amazing spot has to offer! One thing for sure, this classic afternoon snorkel trip is a thrilling adventure, loaded with fun, and offers something for everyone!

Experience The Thrilling Option of SNUBA

We additionally offer SNUBA as an option at $59 per person, for those who have snorkeled before and are strong swimmers. This is a great way for you to see even more underwater. Many people who have tried SNUBA with us decide that after their experience they want to learn how to get certified in order to scuba dive. It is a great introduction to the sport.

Turtle Cleaning-Station Stop:

As we cruise from Maalaea Harbor towards Coral Gardens, we make a special stop at McGregor’s Point Turtle Cleaning-Station. We almost always see Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles as they congregate here to allow specialized “cleaning fish” to remove algae from their shells and bodies (a kind of turtle car wash if you will). Since sea turtles breathe air, they have to surface quite often and extend their heads above the water to take a breath. So this unique location makes for great turtle watching from the boat!  Being up-top on the deck of the Four Winds II, looking down on the surface, creates a great vantage point and an even better opportunity to get some awesome turtle photos!

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