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Underwater Photo & Video Services

Maui Marine Images

Maui Marine Images is a team of professional underwater photographers and marine naturalists that provide a variety of services including camera rentals, portraits and videos. They strive to offer the guests aboard the Four Winds II a variety of high tech, cutting edge, methods of entertainment and products to remember their trip aboard the vessel. The photographer will be with you on the boat and in the water as they take stunning portraits and video of you and your family. Afterwards you will be entertained onboard by a display of still images and video on the large TV monitor in the shaded cabin while the Four Winds II makes her way back to the harbor. During this presentation you’ll have a chance to see what the photographer captured and created, as well as learning about the marine life. This has become one of the highlights of the trip for many of our passengers. Because they utilize high quality video cameras and high resolution digital still cameras, the images are better than you could capture yourself, making this service invaluable and worth the price.

Professional Portraits

Maui Marine Images is proud to offer very high quality underwater images of our guests while they are in the water snorkeling, snuba diving, enjoying the sea boards, kids in the glass bottom, etc. taken by one of our professional photographers. These photos are shown as a slide show on board so guests can enjoy seeing photos of themselves and their families as well as a collection of marine life that we’ve encountered. Still images have become more popular recently due to their usability. The high-resolution JPEG images of the guests and the marine life are available to take home. These images can then be printed, used as screensavers, scrap-booked, emailed to friends or family, or posted on social media sites. The underwater still images that we take of the guests aboard the boat and the beautiful marine life have become the most popular item we offer!


The DVD digital video created onboard each trip is jam-packed with all of the trip's best moments! From the very beginning of the trip, our onboard videographer begins capturing the action, events and personalities on deck. Once we reach the snorkeling and snuba destination, the videographer dives in with SCUBA gear to capture the action below. The videographer diver makes their way around to you, as well as others, and ensures that the marine life that showed up that day gets their place in the spotlight too. Once the snorkeling is over, the videographer begins editing and compiling the video footage, adding narration or subtitles, and adding music creating a storytelling entertaining video of that trip. This video is shown on the way back to the harbor for everyone to enjoy. What a great way to take home all the memories of your trip! Another format of video available is video clips. These high definition individual video clips, (MPEG4), are becoming increasingly popular because now our guests have the ability to create their own video at home using the footage that we have shot, or better yet they can post the video footage of themselves snorkeling or diving on social media for their friends and families to enjoy!

Video & Photography Services Offered  AM Trip PM Trip
Professional Video of Your Trip - 1 DVD $40 $35
Still Photos of Your Trip - 1 CD $40 $35
Go Pro Rental $40 $40
Combo Package of Photo CD & Video DVD Varies Varies

For Digital Photos:  1 Photo CD with loads of high-resolution images, (JPEG), of marine life and your photos from the day.

For Video: 1 DVD (multi-platform compatible), of your actual trip, as it was shot, published to DVD right onboard the boat, set to music with narration or subtitles and inserted into a full-color slip case.

For Video Clips: 1 DVD of the high-definition video clips, (MPEG4) of you and your family as well as marine life clips that you can post online, or assenble with your other Hawaii vacation footage.

Underwater Digital Camera Rental

We also provide waterproof, high-quality, Sony digital camera rentals onboard the Four Winds II. We have customized specific settings to make sure the camera provides you with the best quality photos for our environment. These cameras are capable of shooting both still images and video and are easy to operate. The underwater camera rental fee is only $40 and that additionally includes camera-instruction, plus all the images and video you shot transferred to a CD. Now that is a deal! These cameras will work both above and below the water, so you can capture all the action onboard the boat as well as all the amazing marine life you will see while snorkeling. The images and video you can capture with these cameras will certainly add lots of "wow" to your Facebook and YouTube pages!

  • Rental Fee $40 (Includes CD)
  • Sony Cyber-Shot Camera
  • 14.1 Mega-Pixels
  • Specialized Marine Housing
  • Shoots Photos & Video
  • Professional guidance included
  • Underwater Flash
  • Zoom Lens for Close-Up Shots
  • 2 GB Memory Card
  • Auto Focus & Auto Exposure
  • Can shoot images and video both above and below the water.